Are you Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas … in July? Well dream no longer, we have a dreamy white Supercross combo in this exclusive one off-one only July special. Check this out You can be the proud owner of a brand new 20″ Pro size Supercross Envy V5 in white with the perfect match, a […]


Ken Collins Racing Team Sign with Supercross

Ken Collins Racing (KCR) is proud to announce we have signed up with Supercross BMX! “The team and I are excited and cannot wait to hit the track with such awesome products!” said KCR Team Manager Ken Collins. “We’ve watched the Victorian based KCR team since Ken launched it about two years ago. It’s one […]


New website

We are very happy to announce we have a new website! It’s long overdue, we know, but we think it’s worth the wait and think you will agree. The old site did get a little static but we have big plans for the new site now that it scales to make reading easier on mobile […]


ENVY BLK Infographic

We have had a lot of inquiries about the soon to be released Supercross ENVY BLK and thought we’d pull together some information that should answer all of your questions. We did leave two off, as they may vary, the price and the release date. The release date is set around the end of June […]


Supercross Australia now running Alienation hoops

We are extremely pleased to announce the Supercross BMX Australia factory team will be running Alienation hoops from now on. Established in 2006, Alienation are a relatively new company, but they have already made a massive impact across all aspect of BMX. Alienation specialise in grips, hubs, rims, seats & tires, though their product range […]

2 is the magic number

Esther Woodward has been tearing up BMX tracks all over the country on board her 2013 Supercross ENVY. Since the Victorian state championships in November she’s been to Canberra (ACT), Nerang (Qld), Track Attack and BSX (Vic), West Side (WA). Rather than go back and fill you in, we’ll kick off the year with the […]


Peter Little joins Supercross factory team

When we originally set up the Supercross BMX Australia factory team we also set up a Speedline/Supercross team. The idea behind Speedline/Supercross team was to have a good mix of riders who represent the brands in a variety of ways. First and foremost they all love BMX racing, they are also fans of the Speedline […]