The 2012 Supercross BMX Catalog is out

Every year we try to one up the last years products, we strive to make
everything better than it was and nothing is left out of that, even our
catalogs. SO this year we offer you the new 2012 Supercross BMX Catalog. 64
full color pages of BMXgoodness.

Pick up a printed copy at your favorite Supercross BMX Dealer or stop by the
Supercross BMX pits at an event near you to read all about the new 2012
Supercross BMX products and get a little insight in to the Supercross Team

Or if you are in a hurry you can always download it or read it online here

You can read it on your Iphone, Blackberry, android, Ipad, your computer (
who has those anymore ) and soon there will be an e-book version.