How to buy a custom anodized Supercross BMX frame

Nothing makes a Supercross ENVY frame stand out from the crowd quite like a custom anodized finish.

Take a look at these beautiful frames for example

We have had many inquiries over the years asking how to buy a custom anodized Supercross BMX frame, so we thought it was about time we explained the process in detail.

Just for the record it’s only the ENVY frame that can be anodized. The Blur and Bolt LT frames come in stock colours only.

1. Decide on the frame size

The Supercross ENVY frame comes in 15 standard sizes, they are:

  • Micro
  • Mini
  • Junior
  • Junior Plus
  • Expert
  • Expert XL
  • Expert XXL
  • Pro
  • Pro Plus
  • Pro XL
  • Pro XXL
  • Junior 24″
  • Expert 24″
  • Pro 24″
  • Pro XL 24″

There are small batches of other sizes made from time to time but may not always be available, like the 24″ Pro Short for example.

Make sure you select the frame that fits your needs, have it properly fitted by a bike shop or ask your friends or fellow BMXers if you can take their Supercross for a ride to see how it feels.

The anodizing process requires a polished frame to ensure the absolute best finish, so a polished frame must be available in your selected size to meet the normal turn around time. There can be delays if the frame size you require isn’t available in polished. Keep in mind there is also an up charge on the polished frames as it takes more time and work to get that perfect mirror finish.

2. Decide on the style

The anodizing styles available are limited only by your imagination. Some of the common styles include

  • Single Colour
  • Two colour – fade front to rear
  • Two colour – colour front fade to polished, fade to colour rear
  • Two colour – colour front fade to polished, fade to colour rear. With splatters on the polished area
  • Two colour – different colours on different sides
  • Three colour – fade front to middle to rear

Each anodize finish is done by hand and can take some time, be aware the more colours or more complex the design the more expensive the frame will be.

3. Decide on colour (or colours)

There is a wide range of colours to choose from as you can see from the colour chip cart below (click the photo for a closer look and you can read the actual colour names).


Please be aware that what you see in the photo is likely to vary a little to the end product.

4. Check price and availability with your preferred store

At Supercross BMX Australia we deal exclusively through stores. You can see the list of current dealers on our site at All orders must be placed through a dealer. Once you have figured out what you want and how you want it to look ask your preferred store for the pricing and availability.

5. Pre-pay to order your frame

As custom anodized ENVY frames are personalised and can be expensive, we require payment up-front before we will commit to anodizing the frame. If your preferred store hasn’t taken the payment your frame has not been ordered. It’s our standard procedure and there are no exceptions. Make sure you select all the options very carefully.  You will only be charged if a frame is available. There are no hidden costs, the price you are quoted is the total price for the frame including shipping to your preferred store.

The turn around on having the frame anodized may change depending on a number of variables. On average a custom anodized frame takes four weeks to deliver to the store.