Supercross ABA’s Bike of the Year

At the ABA Grand Nationals on the weeked Supercross won the Golden Crank Award for the Bike of the Year!

There is no doubt that the Supercross ENVY frame has been one of the most sought after race frames in BMX over the past couple of years. It’s the lightest production race frame ever made, the true F1 of BMX frames.

But wait…there’s more…

Supercross has two other frames on offer.

The Supercross BLUR is the newest to the Supercross stables. An alloy frame that shares the same race winning geometry and performance as the ENVY but at a more affordable price.

The cro-mo Supercross BOLT has been extremely popular here in Australia, especially amongst riders who demand more out of their race bike, be it the track, trails or the skate park. Again, it shares the same race winning geometry as the ENVY.

Exactly which frame won the Bike of the Year? As far as we are concerned any one of the three could have, but the winner is Supercross.

Congratulations to Bill Ryan and the crew at Supercross BMX and a massive thank you to all the Supercross owners out there.