2 is the magic number

Supercross BMX Australia Esther Woodward

Esther Woodward has been tearing up BMX tracks all over the country on board her 2013 Supercross ENVY. Since the Victorian state championships in November she’s been to Canberra (ACT), Nerang (Qld), Track Attack and BSX (Vic), West Side (WA). Rather than go back and fill you in, we’ll kick off the year with the Lilydale Cup that was held on Sunday.

The Lilydale Cup was the first round of the Victorian Pro Series, and attracted two gates of Pro Women. Esther had a big crash in her second moto to back up her big crash in training the day before, so things didn’t exactly go to plan. She still managed to keep it together and make her way into the final where she was consistent and finished up with a second place overall.

Talking about Lilydale, we’d like to shout out to bmxultra.com’s A Pro Dane “Daneosaur” Pangallo who continued on his winning ways on board his cromo Bolt LT. He took two wins in the three moto final format, but the sixth place in the other cost him the overall win, he had to settle for second place.

So why is 2 the magic number? Peter Little is back on his bike after a big lay off due to injury. The Supercross BMX Australia factory team is now back to two active riders. The news isn’t so great for Jade McPherson, he’s still injured and will be off his bike a bit longer than first thought.

The Supercross BMX Australia factory team is co-sponsored by Troy Lee Designs/Steve Cramer Products, Speedline Parts, Dirt Designs, and bmxultra.com.

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