Alex Cameron all set for Vic Vs NSW clash

Originally we had three riders set to hit up the Victoria Vs New South Wales event at Wodonga tomorrow in Victoria’s far North. Brandan Bullows wasn’t able to make it, then Max Cairns injured his knee, leaving the 2010 Australian Elite Champion Alex Cameron as the last man standing.

Alex will be in a tough field of around 40 riders in the Pro Open class battling it out for their share of $3,000 in prize money, despite some of Australia’s fastest riders being at the Second round of the UCI Supercross series in the Netherlands this weekend this will be no walk in the park for Alex.

Look out for Speedline/Supercross team rider, Simon Trewin, flying his ENVY in the 35-39 mens cruiser class.

There will be four team riders, using Supercross parts, in the mix in Pro Open as well, including Kyle Horton, Levi Collins (25-29 world champion), Chase Collins, and Adam Carey. Aaron Rogers will be on board his Blur in the 30-39 mens class and Shane Jenkins will be on his ENVY in the tough 40-44 cruiser class.