Max Cairns at the Knox Thunderdome

15 year old Max Cairns was flying in a large A Pro field at the Knox Thunderdome over the weekend.

On Saturday Max was killing it in his motos and posted the fastest time of any of the A Pro laps for the day in his semi. When the gate dropped in the main he was let down by his Shimano clip pedals and unclipped down the hill. He did manage to get going again pretty quickly and was making a move for third entering the last corner where he nearly collided with the rider in front, avoiding a big crash Max backed right off but managed to hold on to the fourth place to the line.

We put some Speedline clip pedals on the bike on Sunday morning and Max was all set for another big day. Max’s goal for the day, spurred on by Body Turner, was to race the clock and see what time he could get. He posted the five fastest laps for all A Pro riders in his five race laps, two of them under 33 seconds and his final time would have put him on the podium in the AA Pro field. Needless to say Max took the win in the A Pro final on board his Speedline equipped Supercross Blur.

Keep an eye on Max over the coming months, he’s only going to get faster as he surges towards the AA Pro class.

The Supercross Australia team is sponsored by Supercross BMX, Speedline Parts, and Dirt Designs.