Peter Little joins Supercross factory team

When we originally set up the Supercross BMX Australia factory team we also set up a Speedline/Supercross team. The idea behind Speedline/Supercross team was to have a good mix of riders who represent the brands in a variety of ways. First and foremost they all love BMX racing, they are also fans of the Speedline and Supercross brands. While not all of the riders will go on to the Supercross factory team it’s also a feeder team. As a team we help riders to become the best they can be, on the best equipment available and provide support along the way.

There is no doubt about it, we have some great personalities and awesome riders on the team. While we were looking for a Supercross factory team rider who could step it up in the Junior Elite class in 2013 we couldn’t overlook Speedline/Supercross rider Peter Little. The more we looked into it the more Peter rose to the top of our list. Peter has been riding Supercross for many years, his bike handling skills and speed are equal to the best in his class, which is why he’s been in the mix at National Championships for many years, and he continues to show improvement every time we see him ride.

We’d like to welcome Peter to the Supercross BMX Australia factory team. Peter joins Esther Woodward and Jade McPherson as the final rider to round out our three rider team for 2013.

We hope to have Peter in the Supercross factory jersey soon, but until then you can see him continue flying Speedline/Supercross team jersey and Troy Lee Designs pants and gloves on the track.

The Supercross BMX Australia factory team is co-sponsored by Troy Lee Designs/Steve Cramer Products, Speedline Parts, Dirt Designs, and

About Supercross BMX Australia

Supercross BMX Australia are supporters of BSX and the Royal Children’s Hospital and while we have our own Supercross and Speedline/Supercross teams we also co-sponsor the team and the Anarchy Australia team.

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