Supercross BMX Australia’s newest team member

Since the Supercross BMX Australia team was first assembled we have been looking for a great female pro rider that’s willing to take on UCI Supercross style tracks. As you could imagine there aren’t a lot of riders in Australia who have the drive and backing to take their BMX racing to that level. We found it tough and decided we’d put the search on the back burners until a rider caught our eye.

It was a young female pro rider who was making a massive impact, shaking up the Victorian Pro racing scene and at the young age of just 15 she was making the podium at nearly every race she entered. She had a reasonable race bike but knew she needed the best equipment available to take her racing to the next level as she prepares to make the move into the junior elite ranks next year. Her decision was to go with Supercross. When the local bike shop contacted us we cut them a deal to make the decision easier for her.

We’d like to welcome Esther Woodward to the Supercross team. The decision to add Esther to the team was an easy one. Not only does she get results, she supports her local bike shop, making it much easier for the likes of Supercross, Troy Lee Designs, Speedline Parts, Dirt Designs and to back her. On top of that she has a friendly personality and continues to challenge herself each time she hits the track.

Esther headed back to Tasmania on the weekend for the Tasmanian State Championships where she raced for Supercross officially for the first time. She came away the winner of the 16 girls class and caught the attention of the local media. The Hobart Mercury wrote a small article about Esther which can be seen here:

We hope to have Esther in the Supercross jersey soon, but until then you can see her flying Troy Lee Designs colours on the track.

The Supercross BMX Australia factory team is co-sponsored by Troy Lee Designs/Steve Cramer Products, Speedline Parts, Dirt Designs, and

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